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To apply for membership of the Club please complete the nomination form and forward to the Club at:

Mangawhai Golf Club
P O Box 66
Mangawhai 0540

or email to Steve Hinton

To view the printable nomination forms, click on the following link:

CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION FEES (Effective 1 January 2017) - inclusive of GST & all levies:

FULL PLAYING                    $944             Full Playing Rights
INTERMEDIATE                   P.O.A.           Available to members aged 21 - 35.  Full Playing rights.
ASSOCIATE                          $485            Available to Full Playing Members of an affiliated NZ club
WEEKDAY                             $713            Eligible to play Monday to Friday only
NOVICE                                 $594            Never been a member of any golf club. 
                                                                     (This category is available for 1 year only and includes
                                                                     free coaching.  After 1 year, Novice members must move
                                                                     to another membership category.)
PAY & PLAY                           $293            Pay $20 per 18 holes or $10 per 9 holes, any day of week
NORTHERN PASSPORT   $350             Pay $20 per 18 holes or $12 per 9 holes.  Same play rates 
                                                                     available at other participating Northern courses, plus 1 free 
                                                                     game per year at each participating course.
ROOKIE                                 $120            Open to residents within 100km radius                                                                      of Auckland. Cannot have been a member of Mangawhai GC within the past 3 years. 
                                                                     Playing rights @ $32 per 18 holes, $18 per 9 holes. 
                                                                     NZ Golf affiliation & handicap. $30 joining fee first year.
SUMMER                               $581            Membership spans Daylight Saving period. 
                                                                     Permitted to play in Open events where an entry fee applies. 
9 HOLE                                  $544            Play any day.  One 9-hole round per day.
JUNIOR Under 18                $115          
JUNIOR Under 21                $316         
SOCIAL                                  $   35            No playing rights
                        Other category conditions may apply.   The  new member joining fee of $225 is currently waived.